Was Your Employer At-Fault in a Serious Workplace Injury?

While Workers’ Compensation in California is a “no-fault” system, there are cases where due to gross negligence, recklessness or malice on the part of the employer, an employee suffers a serious injury at work. This can happen, for example, where the employer fails to provide obvious safety equipment or modifies equipment in such a way as to speed up production but at the cost of safety.

In these and other cases, the injured worker may be entitled to additional compensation under a “Serious and Willful” claim pursuant to Labor Code §4553.

As with discrimination and retaliation claims, we pursue these actions aggressively if the case merits it. If you think you may have suffered a “Serious and Willful” injury at work, don’t wait, call us now at 213-228-3232 for a free consultation!

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