The BIA Denied My Case, Can I Appeal?

Federal Circuit Courts of Appeal are usually the last venue (court) where prior legal decisions made by an immigration judge and BIA can be challenged.  The Courts have the authority to reverse (correct) prior orders or remand the case (return the case back for further hearings or consideration).

For cases originating in California, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals may have jurisdiction to hear or consider the case. Submitting the case before the 9th Circuit requires filing a Petition for Review. A successful Petition for Review requires knowing the law, having command of the factual record in the case and being a persuasive advocate for the client. Attorney Espinoza has successfully litigated cases before the 9th, 5th and 1st Circuit Courts of Appeals.

After the BIA renders a final decision in your case, you have a short time in which you can appeal to a Circuit Court.  Don’t wait, put our experience to work for you and call us now at 213-228-3232.

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