I have Lived In the United States for a Long Time and have U.S. Citizen or Legal Resident Family  Members, Can I Apply for Permanent Residency?

An undocumented person in removal proceedings may have the right to file for Cancellation of Removal (42B) if they have physically resided in the United States continuously for at least 10 years; they can demonstrate they possess good moral character and they have a qualifying family relationship with a Legal Resident or U.S. Citizen, who will suffer extreme and exceptionally unusual hardship if they are removed from the country. A victory in a 42B case means attaining Legal Permanent Resident status.

Attorney Espinoza is experienced with 42B cases and has successfully litigated many of these complicated cases before immigration judges throughout the United States.  If you believe you may qualify for this form of relief, call us at 213-228-3232 for a comprehensive examination of your particular case.

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