Can I File a Provisional Unlawful Presence Waiver (I-601A)?

Undocumented persons who have an immigrant visa available to them, for example by way of an approved Petition for Alien Relative (I-130), who also have acquired one-year of unlawful presence may need a Provisional Waiver to avoid a 10-year bar to re-entry under INA 212(a)(9)(b).

Qualifying applicants who have a spouse or parent who is a U.S. citizen or Legal Resident may be eligible to file an I-601A waiver and be able to remain with their family in the United States until USCIS reaches a decision in their case.  To obtain an approval, the waiver application must demonstrate that the U.S. citizen or Legal Resident relative will suffer “extreme hardship” if waiver of the 10-year bar to entry is denied.

At the Espinoza Law Group, we work with you to submit the strongest possible waiver application to USCIS. We know what evidence is most persuasive in the eyes of the government. That is why our approval rate for I-601A waivers is over 90% – well-above the nation-wide rate of approval.

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